The Cheyenne Housing Authority (CHA) conducts 10 types of Public Housing inspections:

  1. Move In
  2. 30-Day
  3. Probationary
  4. Special
  5. Annual
  6. Emergency
  7. Pre-Move Out
  8. Move-Out
  9. Preventative
  10. Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS)- Conducted by the Real estate Assessment Center (REAC)

Types of unit inspections include:

1. Move-In Inspections

Before moving into a rental unit, the Tenant shall participate in a move-in inspection with Authority staff. The condition of the unit will be documented on an inspection report form and the Tenant and Authority staff shall sign the inspection report.  Unit care, energy/utility conservation features, and other unit features will be explained to the Tenant at that time.

2. 30 Day Inspections

Approximately 30 days after move-in, the Maintenance Department will conduct a unit inspection to ensure that the new Tenant is properly maintaining their rental unit.

3. Probationary Inspections

If during the 30 Day Inspection it is determined that the Tenant needs additional attention to successfully maintain their assigned rental unit, a series of probationary inspections are scheduled at a frequency determined by the Maintenance and/or Housing Departments.

4. Special Inspections

Special inspections are conducted any time the Authority deems it to be appropriate under the circumstances.  Examples of circumstances which might lead to a special inspection include, but are not limited to, follow-up to neighbor complaints, potentially abandoned units, reports or suspicions of inappropriate Tenant behavior or lease violations, follow up on previous lease violations or problematic Tenant conduct, and follow up on Tenant compliance with notices and/or directives.

5. Annual Inspections

An annual inspection of each dwelling unit will be scheduled and completed a minimum of once each year. Inspections shall be performed in accordance with HUD-defined inspection standards.

6. Emergency Inspections

Emergency inspections are conducted when there is reasonable cause to believe that a situation exists that may cause an immediate threat to the health and safety of persons, or there is reasonable cause to believe that a situation exists that may cause an immediate threat of damage to Authority property.  As discussed in Section III C, above, advance notice to tenants of entry into the premises under such circumstances does not have to be provided.

7. Pre Move-out Inspections

When reasonably possible, a pre-move out inspection will be scheduled to occur prior to the time the Tenant’s move- out inspection will be conducted.  The purpose of a pre move-out inspection is to identify maintenance items to be repaired, replaced, or cleaned prior to the end of tenancy, and to provide the Authority with advance notice of work and materials required to prepare the unit for the next tenant.

8. Move-out Inspections

  • Upon receipt of the Tenant’s intent to vacate a unit, the Housing Department will notify the Maintenance Department. The Maintenance Department will then promptly schedule the move-out inspection with the Tenant when possible. Preferably the move-out inspection will occur after all Tenant belongings have been removed from the unit.
  • The Authority prefers to conduct the move-out inspection with the Tenant, but the Authority may permit an authorized agent of the Tenant to be present for the move-out inspection if the Tenant is unavailable to be present in person.
  • During the move-out inspection, the Tenant shall receive a copy of the original move-in inspection form to confirm the condition of the unit at move-in. After the inspection, a complete list of unit deficiencies shall be prepared and provided to the Tenant. The list will include an indication of which work shall be charged to the Tenant as damage in excess of normal wear and tear.
  • Tenant will sign and date the completed move-out inspection form. The Tenant will be charged for Tenant-caused damages as defined within this Policy.  See Section III.D.3 “Charges to Tenants.”

9. Preventive Maintenance Inspections

The Maintenance Department may perform annual, seasonal, or other periodic inspections to identify unit conditions requiring attention, repair, major alterations or replacement.

10. Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS)- Conducted by the Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC)

The CHA is subject to being selected yearly by HUD to have all of our Public Housing units inspected by a contracted employee of HUD to make sure we are maintaining our units in a decent, safe and sanitary condition.  The units selected for these inspections are picked randomly and by HUD.

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