At least annually, the Cheyenne Housing Authority (CHA) will conduct a reexamination of participant income and circumstances. The results of the reexamination determine the rent the participant will pay, and whether the participant is housed in the correct size unit.

The CHA will send a notification letter to inform them it is time for their annual recertification. This letter will contain the required documentation needed for the recertification and a scheduled date to meet with the Public Housing Specialist to complete the recertification process. At the appointment the participant can make their final decision regarding the rent method they will choose either-Flat Rent or Income Based Rent. Inspections to the Public Housing units are performed annually and the participant will receive a notice regarding the date and time of inspection.

Flat Rent

Participants that choose the flat rent option will be required to go through the income reexamination process every three years, rather than the annual review they would otherwise undergo. Unit inspections will be done annually.

  • Participants who opt for the flat rent may request to have a reexamination and return to the formula-based method at any time for the following reasons:
    1. The participant’s income has decreased
    2. The participant’s circumstances have changed increasing their expenses for child care, medical care, etc.
    3. Other circumstances creating a hardship on the family such that the formula method would be more financially feasible for the participant

Income Based Rent

During the recertification process, the participant will provide all information regarding income, assets, expenses, and other necessary information to determine the participant’s share of rent. The participant will sign all mandatory HUD forms. Upon receipt and completion of verification, the CHA will determine the participant’s annual income and will calculate the rent.

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