The CHA Maintenance Department inspects all of the units at least once each year. These inspections ensure that the tenants are properly maintaining their unit in accordance with the lease and assist in identifying capital improvement needs.

We see, and have to issue correction notices for, several common violations including:

  1. Cords placed in walk ways. This is considered a potential tripping hazard. Hint: All cords must be removed from walk ways.
  2. Blocked egress (way of exiting a room or unit). Two means of escape from any living area must be maintained. Hint: If only one window exists in a bedroom that window cannot be used for an air-conditioned that blocks the window and furniture cannot interfere with egress.
  3. Blocked access to the electric panel.
  4. Hanging items from a fire sprinkler head or plumbing.
  5. Tampering with smoke detectors, including removing batteries from or otherwise disconnecting the smoke detectors.
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