Once the Cheyenne Housing Authority receives the complete application it is entered into our system and the applicant is added to the Cheyenne Housing Authority (CHA) waiting list or lists depending on what program or programs the applicant has applied for.  The CHA programs are Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Section 8, Public Housing and Multifamily (Indian Hills Manor and Pine Bluffs).   During this time it is important that the applicant keeps their mailing address and contact information current, any changes made need to be submitted to the CHA office in writing.  When the applicant’s name is approaching the top of our wait list the CHA will mail the applicant the appropriate information and paperwork.  All paperwork should be completed and returned to the CHA no later than the date stated in the letter.  If the CHA receives any returned mail the applicant’s name will be dropped from all waiting lists and the applicant will need to reapply for assistance.

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