At least annually the Cheyenne Housing Authority (CHA) will conduct a reexamination of a participant’s income and circumstances. The result of the reexamination determines the rent the participant will pay, and whether the family subsidy is correct based on the family unit size.

The CHA will send a notification letter to the family letting them know that it is time for their annual reexamination and the deadline which the participant must fully complete their recertification process. The CHA mails out individual recertification packets with required forms which are based on previous information provided. For local (Cheyenne) participants a meeting is scheduled with a Section 8 Specialist; at this time all documentation should be completed and ready to turn into the CHA to finalize the recertification process. All members of the household that are 18 years or older will need to attend the scheduled meeting. If the participant is located out of the Cheyenne area a recertification packet and forms are mailed the household, and should be returned to the CHA office no later than the date specified on the letter. During the recertification process, the participant will provide all information regarding income, assets, expenses, and other information necessary to determine the participant’s share of rent.

Inspections for Housing Choice Voucher participants are conducted biannually and required for all participant households. Cheyenne participants are sent a letter with a date and time for inspections. Out of Town participants are sent a letter stating it is time for an inspection and will need to contact their local intake agent to schedule a date and time for the inspection.

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