Recent Success Stories

April 2013 saw a graduate who obtained full-time employment making over $44,000 per year after only 2 ½ years on the Family Self-Sufficiency Program. This participant worked through her goals and continued to improve her escrow account so when she graduated, she was awarded a check for $5,010 plus interest. This graduate also worked with the Wyoming Family Home Ownership Program where she was able to save an additional $2,400.00 and rewarded a match of $18,000. $3,000 of that is saved for future home repairs. She has purchased her first home and does not require assistance from any governmental agencies.

June 2013 saw an FSS client complete her training program and is currently acquiring over $600 per month in her escrow. She is free of all assisted programs and has been working with a realtor and a banker and is in the process of purchasing her 1st home!

August 2013 saw 2 graduates, one with $4,245 in her escrow and another with $6,286, with both completely independent of all assistance programs. They are in the process of purchasing homes.

November 2013 gave 1 graduate close to $3,000 towards the purchase of a first home for her and her family. Determination and perseverance paid off for her and her daughter as they now live free of all government and third party assistance.

May 2014 saw 2 new graduates! One with over 10,500 in her escrow and another who purchased a home utilizing her escrow. The first client is utilizing her escrow to purchase a home in the near future and the second has already purchased a home and will utilize the money for future repairs on the home. Both parties worked with the Wyoming Family Home Ownership Program to gain a deeper understanding of money management, budgeting and the process of home ownership as well as completed financial education classes. Both graduates are free of all forms of public assistance and have even taken up careers to help other low income families find their footing in the community.

June 2014 saw 1 graduate who moved from public housing to section 8, obtained full time employment and was able to regain custody of his children. Through allot of hard work, dedication and committment, he was able to cash out with a check worth over 5,000. He is currently free of all public assistance and continues to receive advancements and promotions at his place of employment and continues to provide for his family without assistance from outside agencies.

Current Participant Information

As of June 2014, there are a total of 35 participants; 22 Section 8 participants and 13 Public Housing participants. This leaves several slots open for new enrollees especially in the Public Housing program with a goal of 25 participants per program.

20 participants are actively acquiring escrow contributions with a total of $2,952 per month being contributed to their accounts by the CHA.

3 of the participants are currently enrolled in a secondary education program obtaining either their Bachelor’s degree or working towards their Master’s degree and 1 has completed his Ph.D. at the University of Wyoming.

The remainder are either working full-time or part-time jobs and a few are seeking to improve their skills in a secondary program such as CLIMB or seeking employment. Several are actively working with the Wyoming Home Ownership program or similar programs.

The average monthly contribution among public housing participants is $195. The average among Section 8 participants is $268.

There are 8 participants acquiring over $200 per month, 5 acquiring over $250 per month and 3 acquiring over $350 per month!

How you can participate

You must currently be receiving assistance from the CHA to participate.

If you are interested in the FSS program, please come by the office and pick up a brochure located outside the main door or call and request an appointment with the FSS Coordinator to learn about the program in more detail.

Once enrolled in the program, increases in your earned income are calculated and a portion of that increase is deposited into an escrow account to be used for a down payment on a home at the end of your contract or when you complete all of your outlined goals. It really is that simple!

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