Southern Wyoming Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

  • RSVP is sponsored by Cheyenne Housing Authority under a Board of Commissioners that includes five Mayor appointed community representatives.
  • RSVP is a granted program of the Corporation for National Service, which has other programs such as Foster Grandparents, Senior Companions, VISTA and AmeriCorp.
  • Funding for the program comes from the Corporation for National Service (Federal), cities and counties of Wyoming, State of Wyoming Aging Division, a planned giving program, fundraisers, and assorted grants.
  • Southern Wyoming RSVP Members volunteer in 8 Wyoming Communities which include – Lincoln, Uinta, Sweetwater, Carbon, Albany, Laramie, Platte and Goshen.
  • Local match money goes to the senior volunteers as benefits which include mileage and meal reimbursement and insurance coverage.
  • RSVP has an Advisory Council that includes senior volunteers and community members.
  • RSVP staff includes a Project Director, and an Outreach Coordinator.
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