Family Self-Sufficiency

Would you like the opportunity to explore options for becoming self sufficient and build an escrow savings account at the same time?

With the FSS program offered by the CHA in conjunction with HUD, you can do just that. The CHA will contribute a portion of increases in your earned income into an interest bearing escrow account to be used to purchase a home of your own at the end of a five (5) year contract.

If you obtain self sufficiency before the five (5) years is up, you can terminated favorably from housing and your escrow balance (plus interest) will be paid to you to purchase your own home!

What is Self Sufficiency?

Self Sufficiency means having the ability to provide your own needs without any regular assistance from others or public assistance from any state or federal programs (i.e. food stamps, Power, LIEAP). It also means a renewed sense of confidence that the household can become self-sufficient.

What is the Family Self Sufficiency Program?

The Cheyenne Housing Authority (CHA) Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program helps active participants eliminate their need for food stamps, and other social services programs by showing households ways to become financially independent.

Participants are offered a variety of tools to get ahead, the opportunity to learn new skills and/or enhance old ones, and raise their ability to gain economic self sufficiency. The FSS Program is available to all participants receiving Section 8 rental assistance or Public Housing through CHA and live in Laramie County or Albany County.

How does the FSS Program work?

The head of household must attend an orientation. Once deciding to join the FSS Program a Contract with a 5 year limitation must be signed. This Contract provides the terms of the program and a plan of action is developed in order to help the participant achieve the goals they have set forth in order to become self-sufficient. Continued participation is based upon consistent progress towards the goals the household has set. Goals can be changed based upon the continued positive path the participant/family set for becoming self-sufficient.

A great benefit is the opportunity to build an escrow savings account while participating in the program. As earned household income increases, the escrow account increases. Upon successful completion of the program, which means the family has met all goals, the participant receives the full amount of their escrow, including interest. The monies obtained from your escrow account could be used for a down payment on a home or for the purchase of a small business.

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